Official memo

Warsaw, 19 September 1945. Investigating Judge Mikołaj Halfter came to Hale Mirowskie [the market halls], where the caretaker of these halls, Stanisław Sikorski (residing at Grójecka Street 62, flat 14) declared that he knew a certain laborer employed in the SPB [Social Construction Company] (he did not know his name or address), who had been in a group of Poles who had been executed in Hala Mirowska. This laborer had been wounded then, but managed to survive.

According to Sikorski, this laborer told him that during the Uprising, the Germans executed two thousand people in Hale Mirowskie, and burnt them in a crater in the building of the halls which is situated closer to Ciepła Street.

Sikorski undertook to identify the surname and address of the above-mentioned SPB employee.