[Warsaw,] 7 March 1945

Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes

Testimony of Leokadia Mańk, resident of Targówek-Osiedle, Skłodowskiej Street 50, flat 1.

Regarding: detention and internment at Auschwitz of Henryka Mańk, born 21 December 1926. Recorded by Anna Juzwa.

On 15 January 1943, my daughter was captured in a roundup at the Wolbrom station near Kraków, where she went to buy food at a lower price because my husband earned very little as a railway employee. She was detained for three days at the Arbeitsamt in Wolbrun. During that period, her local friends were in touch with her, sending her food packages. Later, she was taken to an unknown destination. My attempts to get my daughter released were in vain. I submitted two written requests to the Warsaw Gestapo, with one of them signed by a railway inspector.

On 3 April 1943, I received the first letter from Henryka from Auschwitz, where she had been taken due to the political character of the roundup and because she did not have an ID. I immediately sent her Kennkarte and birth certificate to the camp commandant, but my daughter did not know about it. The packages which I sent to her reached her. I last heard from her on 13 July 1944.

I have testified truthfully. I have read the testimony before signing it.