Warsaw, 13 March 1945

Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes

Testimony of Marianna Zadrożna, b. 4 January 1885, resident of Poleska Street 31, flat 1.

Regarding: detention and deportation of my husband Stanisław Zadrożny, b. 4 November 1886. Recorded by Anna Juzwa.

My husband was arrested in our flat on the night of 12 January 1941. That night, there was a larger roundup of men in Targówek.

Up until 1 February 1941, my husband was interned in the Pawiak prison, from where he was transported to Auschwitz. For some time, I received letters from him.

On 28 April 1941, I received a telegram informing me that Stanisław had died at Auschwitz on 27 April 1941.

I have testified truthfully. I have read the testimony before signing it.