Józef Kowalczyk
Class 6
Elementary School in Zakrzówek
Iłża district

Memories of German crimes

When the Germans ruled in Poland, they committed cruel crimes. Poles who were better educated were taken away by these barbarians, who [always] mercilessly tortured our innocent countrymen. These barbarians beat people so much that their blood was splashing on the walls. They tortured them to get more information. When they had already gathered a few dozens of such men, every one of them was beaten so barbarously that he could not get up from the ground. After that they ordered a pit to be dug and brought all the men there. They were lined up facing the pit. Next the sound of machine guns could be heard. That moment was a cry to God for vengeance. Every Pole fell down the pit, writhing like a snake. Then the Germans finished off those who were still alive and covered them with dirt. The occupants brought a machine to burn the corpses of our countrymen. This crime remained in our hearts for a long time.