Warsaw, 28 November 1947

Dawid Sznejer, born in Warsaw on 14 March 1905, son of Iser Froim and Gitla, née Rachenberg, residing in Brussels (Belgium), 369. rue St. Denis, temporarily staying in Warsaw, at Moniuszki Street 7, flat 3, testifies as follows:

With regards to the case of a German criminal Józef Żyto vel Zito, I would like to clarify that the company was located at Bonifraterska Street 11, flat 13.

I don’t know whether the company existed before the liquidation action or what its function was, but I would like to clarify that on 22 July 1942 Józef Żyto vel Zito started drafting in Jewish businessmen of various trades to his company. For instance, the brothers Hersz and Chaim Blumenkopf, formerly residing at Pawia Street 61 (Hersz Blumenkopf) and Nowolipki Street 6 (Chaim Blumenkopf) gave him three machines used for the production of silk, Mieczysław Markowski (residing at Rabina Majzelsa Street 7) gave him oil pressing machines, as well as a supply of grease and oil for the machines.

I am not certain about this, but I think that Józef Żyto vel Zito also owned a paper branch. The company was evidently meant to accumulate the Jewish property of all trades. The official narrative was that if the former owners gave their factory equipment and products to Józef Żyto vel Zito, they would be spared.

It was a small workshop with no more than two hundred employees. In the first half of August 1942, having handed over all of his employees to the SS, Józef Żyto vel Zito stole their property. As far as I know, none of the Jewish employees of Józef Żyto vel Zito’s company survived.

At this point the report was brought to a close, read out, and signed.

The report was drawn up by Henryk Wasser, MA, Jewish Historical Institute