Maria Król
Class 4
Kochanówka, 15 November 1946

My most memorable moment from the occupation

Someone came to our house at midnight and started banging on the door. Daddy asked who it was. It was the military police. When daddy opened the door, they asked: “Is Adam Król home?” They said that he was probably going to engage in banditry. They ordered my daddy and my brothers to get dressed. They told Adam to take his rifle. My brother tried to explain that he didn’t have any weapons. They replied that all explanations were in vain because they knew for sure that he had a rifle. They took him to a prison in Sienno. We thought that he would die there, and we cried together with mom. We prayed: “God and the Blessed Mother, may our daddy and our brothers return.” My daddy and my younger brother were released after two days. Adam was sentenced to death. They told him that he could live if he joined the Germans. My brother signed their papers. At night the partisans came, and Adam went with them. Instead of serving the Germans, he served Poland. He took part in 14 battles; they destroyed two prisons. He came home with a broken rifle and a wounded ear, but alive.