A REPORT drawn up on 10 October 1946 by the Communal Commission of the commune of Zaborów (district of Warsaw) for the Investigation of German Crimes, concerning the deportation and murder of the residents of the community of Sieraków, the beating to death of Bolesław Kubański with sticks, and the burning down of the entire village, which was accompanied by pillaging.

The following man was examined in the case:

1) the leader of the community of Sieraków, Stanisław Bińkowski, who having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations or ones inconsistent with the truth, testified as follows:

In November 1943, German gendarmes arrived from Zaborów (Sicherheitspolizei) and, working from a list, proceeded to detain individuals, whom they then took to the school in Zaborów, where in all probability they were shot. The bodies of two of these persons were found during the exhumation of murdered victims in Zaborów (Franciszek Lipiński and Kazimierz Urbański). As regards the following: Antoni Bińkowski, Adam Bińkowski, Józef Kułakowski, Józef Kułakowski – son of Józef, Jan Kułakowski – son of Jakub, Władysław Życki and Eugeniusz Salwowski, whose bodies have not been identified, no more was heard of them.

In February 1944, gendarmes drove up and proceeded to examine Bolesław Kubański, during which examination they killed him with sticks, having previously poured water over him five times. In September 1944, Germans from Zaborów first plundered the entire village, and then burnt it down; the residents (men) were deported to Germany.

The abovementioned facts may be attested to by the following persons: Bolesław Malitek, Marianna Kubańska and other surviving residents of the village.

I am fully prepared to repeat my testimony – accompanied by the witnesses mentioned above – under oath whenever so requested.