Report, dated 28 September 1945, concerning a German crime

In September 1944, Zdzisław Stawicki and Maria Zawicka were burned alive by German soldiers in their residence. The Germans set a number of residences ablaze and fired their machine guns in the direction of anyone who tried to escape. This is how the abovementioned perished.

Of the buildings which were set on fire, 15 burned down: five in Dziekanówek and ten in Dziekanów Nowy, commune of Pomiechowo, district of Warsaw.

Those murdered by being burned alive were residents of the community of Dziekanówek, commune of Cząstków.

The reason why the Germans murdered the abovementioned people and set the buildings on fire remains unknown.

The above has been testified by eyewitnesses: the father of the murdered Aleksander Stawicki, Józef Kurpiewski, Władysława Stawicka, Henryk Sotomski.

These witnesses are from the community of Dziekanów Nowy, commune of Cząstków.

They have confirmed the truthfulness of their testimony with their signatures:

1. J. Kurpiewski
2. H. Sotomski
3. Aleksander Stawicki
4. Władysława Stawicka