A report drawn up on 28 September 1945 concerning a German crime

Bronisław Kropielnicki and Jan Faliński, both from Sadowa, and Józef Franiewski from Izabelin, all from the commune of Cząstków, district of Warsaw, were assaulted on 10 December 1943 at the house of Bronisław Kropielnicki, this for no reason whatsoever, by German customs officers who were stationed in Palmiry, in the same commune. The abovementioned were beaten unconscious by the customs officers, who used their rifle butts in the attack. B. Kropielnicki received five wounds to the head; his jaw was punctured right through to the mouth, and one of the blows fractured his skull.

The men, all in nightdresses and with no headgear, were taken to Palmiry in the freezing weather (it was minus 18 degrees), bleeding profusely along the way. On the next day, wearing the same clothing, they were transported to the penal camp in Pomiechówek.

They spent two months in the camp, experiencing terrible maltreatment, whereafter the Germans released them as innocent.

Following their return from the camp, all three were unable to get out of their beds for a few months.

The men were arrested and subsequently maltreated by the following German customs officers: Orzechowski, Jabłoński and Załoga (with a lump on his jaw), whose names are unknown.

The above data is based on the testimony of the following: Bronisław Kropielnicki, Jan Faliński, Józef Franiewski, and of witnesses from the said village: Franciszek Kwieciński and Jan Choroś.