Warsaw, 8 January 1970. Assistant public prosecutor Zbigniew Grędziński, delegated to the District Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes in Warsaw, heard the person named below as a witness without an oath. After being warned about the criminal liability for giving false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Władysław Ablewski
Parents’ names Adam and Marianna
Date and place of birth 28 February 1891, Kuczki, Radom county
Place of residence Warsaw, Marchlewskiego Street 59 flat 13
Occupation retired
Criminal record none
Relation to the parties none

Throughout the occupation, I lived in Praga, Warsaw, in a building at Wileńska Street 3. On 1 August 1944, while in my apartment, in the afternoon I heard some machine gun rounds. These shots came from a distance of over a hundred meters from the square in front of the church. I learned from other people that the Nazis had shot some people there at that time.

I don’t know who committed this crime, nor do I know the Nazi unit to which the criminals belonged.

After some time, and this was probably a few days later, in the courtyard of the building where I lived, some German soldiers, dressed in green uniforms, came and ordered ten men with shovels to come down and bury the victims they had murdered beforehand.

I didn’t go to the yard and take part in burying those murdered. I only recall that Zdzisław Zajączkowski participated in the burial; he lives in Warsaw at Wileńska Street 3.

Due to the significant passage of time, I don’t remember who took part in burying the murdered people.

I have read this report personally and I hereby sign it as being truthful.