Stanisław Sieczka
Class 4B
Elementary School in Jagodne
Iłża district
Jagodne, 20 November 1946

My most memorable moment from the occupation

At the beginning of 1944, when the front was on the Vistula River, there were German troops in our village and the nearby areas. Before the offensive began, German soldiers captured all the men and took them to their country. One night, when we were in the shelter, we suddenly heard the earth shake under heavy German tanks driving to the front. Two days later, we saw that only one of those tanks had returned. After the third day we heard the constant roar of cannons, which was getting closer and closer. It was Tuesday when, fleeing the approaching liberation army, the Germans quartered in our village and wanted to use it as a resistance point. A patrol of the liberation army noticed the German observer; they cut the telephone wire and connected their device instead. When the Germans called their observer, they heard the Russian voices kuda, kuda [where, where] instead of the German voice. The Germans began to flee, burning cars with ammunition and various things, and it all happened at night. In the morning, the troops of the liberation army entered our village.