Kraków, 10 December 1947

the Senior District Official in Myślenice
Market Square
Office of the District Authorities

From the beginning of the Nazi war, the juvenile Zofia, daughter of Jan Kozak, a farmer from the village of Poręby 11 (located behind Trzemeśnia), district of Myślenice, had been sent a number of times to work in Germany.

While working there for a farmer (Bauer), at the address: Johann Kopf, Dorf Heimhof, Post Hausen (über Amberg), just before going on holiday in December 1943 she was shot – by accident or on purpose – by the farmer’s son, who fired off a revolver in the kitchen.

Zofia only managed to cry out: – Jesus, Mary!, six times, and died.

Polish laborers – slave workers – in Germany, numbering 61, each contributed a few Reichsmarks to the funeral of the late Zofia, and these monies were used to pay for the following: the doctor summoned to the scene – 8.80 Marks, a coffin – 50 Marks, a telegram – 3.20 Marks, the undertaker – 10 Marks, for the dress of the deceased – 10 Marks, and also for the services of a priest and organist.

The following witnessed the shooting of Zofia Kozak:

1) Władysław Gwóźdź (mother – Anna), village of Dulcza Mała, post office in Radomyśl Wielki, district of Mielec;

2) Emilia Stańska (her address is known to the parents of the late Zofia);

the evidence: correspondence and a list of contributions, together with the surnames of benefactors and itemized amounts (this document is also in the possession of the parents of the deceased).

Mr Senior District Official! In the name of the law, justice and humanity, on behalf of the parents and family of the late Zofia Kozak, and also in my own name, I call upon you most courteously to initiate official proceedings with the objective of:

1) investigating the case and bringing it to greater attention,
2) handing over the perpetrator to Polish judicial authorities for trial,
3) securing damages for the parents by way of the loss of their daughter.

A reproduction of a photograph of the late Zofia Kozak has been attached.

Franciszek Bednarz
resident in Kraków, Floriańska Street 4, flat 3.