25 February 1946, Warsaw. Court assessor Anotni Krzętowski, delegated to the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes, interviewed the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the obligation to tell the truth and of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Aniela Monkiewicz
Names of parents Walenty and Maria
Date of birth 3 March 1903
Place of residence Milice, Wrocław province, Bieruta Street 15
Occupation works in a shop
Education three years of elementary school
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Crimanal record none

On 28 November 1943, my husband, Leon, was arrested by the German gendarmerie. On that day, the gendarmerie conducted arrests on a wider scale in connection with some assault on Nowogrodzka Street.

I do not know what type of assault it was.

On that day, the gendarmerie blocked Żurawia Street, where we lived, and the neighbouring streets as well.

On 11 December 1943, I read my husband’s surname on a list of hostages, on 16 December, a second list appeared, in which the Germans announced the execution of 280 people on Teatralny Square, which was connected to the assassination of Braun on 13 December.

The notice mentioned that the execution had taken place on 14 December 1943. My husband’s surname was also among the names of those executed.

I learned from my neighbour, one Siekieryńska (I do not know her first name or address), who knew from members of a Polish organisation, that my husband had initially been at the Gestapo HQ on aleja Szucha, and was then moved to the Pawiak prison. One package, which I sent to my husband at the Pawiak on 8 or 10 December, had been accepted at the Polish Police station on Krochmalna Street, but the second one, which I tried to send on 15 December, was refused.

In April 1944, I was returned, as a deposit left by my husband, two rings, a fountain pen, and a gold medallion with a neck-chain, and around 1600 zł in cash, and in May – his personal papers.

The report was read out.