29 November 1946. A functionary Antoni Kalarus from the Citizen’s Militia Station in Nowa- Słupia, Kielce district, interviewed the person named below as witness who, having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Article 140 of the Penal Code, testified as follows:

Name and surname Jan Kostrzewa
Parents’ names Julian and Maria
Age 46 years old
Father’s occupation farmer
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Słupia Nowa, Słupia Nowa commune, Kielce district
Criminal record none

I spent the occupation years partly at home and partly in hiding.

In the grounds of the tourist hostel situated some 100 meters away from my place, the Germans carried out executions of Polish civilians. After being put on trial, the arrested were put to spiteful torture, the Germans breaking their arms. Pits were dug in the woods on the hill near my home (that is, in Skałka) where these people were taken in the evenings and executed. Their bodies were buried by the locals. At the pits, before being killed, the victims had to get undressed.

The people killed in Skałka (about 400 in number) were from various areas.

Executions were carried out in the grounds of the tourist hostel in the years 1942–1943.

At this the report was concluded, read out and signed.