about mass executions and mass graves

Location: Nieprowice
Commune: Złota
District: Pińczów
Voivodeship: Kielce

1. Date and place of execution:

June 1943, Nieprowice.

2. Type of execution (shooting, hanging, etc.):


3. Information about those murdered:

Poles, Jews, foreigners: Poles.

Number of murdered people: 3.

Where were the victims brought from: They were locals.

Names, age, occupation, addresses:

Jakub Wasik aged 50

Jadwiga Wasik aged 48 Nieprowice, Złota Commune, farmers

Jan Wasik aged 18

4. Do you know what the victims were accused of and whether the execution was a retaliatory order, etc.?

Retaliation for guerilla activity in the area.

5. Who carried out the execution (gendarmerie, Gestapo, SS, police, Wehrmacht)?

The SS.

6. Do you know the names of the perpetrators (give the names)?


7. Were the corpses burned or destroyed in any other way?

The corpses were buried in the cemetery of the Chroberz parish.

8. Where were the corpses buried (the exact place)?

They were buried at the cemetery in Chroberz.

9. Description of the grave (graves, measurements, presumable number of victims in one grave):

The families of the victims buried each person separately in the cemetery.

10. Was there an exhumation, was it official (a report), where were the bodies buried?


11. Are there grounds for ordering a later exhumation?


On 9 October [19]45 the contents of the above questionnaire were formally confirmed by the leader of Złota Commune, Eugeniusz Stawiarski, in front of the Municipal Court in Pińczów.