Day 16 of the trial

Witness Adam Kuryłowicz, testifying again.

Presiding Judge: – The Minister has been called as witness upon a motion from the defense.

Attorney Śliwowski: – I was unable to ask you this question during your main testimony. How long did you stay in Auschwitz, Minister?

Witness: – From July 1941 until January 1945, until the end. I did not let them evacuate me, I hid in the camp.

Attorney Śliwowski: – Did your family make efforts to have you released?

Witness: – Yes, they did.

Attorney Śliwowski: – Did someone within the city authorities try to do so as well?

Witness: – No. My wife, who was free when I was in Auschwitz, was trying to do it through local attorneys, who specialized in getting people out of camps. This had no effect.

Judge Rybczyński: – Were you first arrested in May 1940, Minister?

Witness: – I was detained for 9 days. Upon the ninth day, I was released after an interrogation. I was only in the Szucha prison. As I was beaten during the interrogation, I spent three weeks in recovery. After that time, I turned to Mr. Kulski, who was the mayor, to have me reinstated as supply delegate and caretaker. The Mayor revealed to me that I had been released after the intervention of Mr. Leist, to whom Mr. Kulski had turned. This was communicated to me by Mr. Kulski, and so I acknowledged it.

Judge Rybczyński: – Were there interventions on behalf of others as well?

Witness: – Yes, there were. Mr. Kulski made efforts to have Mr. Barlicki released. That was when I was still free.

Lay Judge Jodłowski: – Why did Leist intervene?

Witness: – He did so, because I was a supply delegate for four districts: Powązki, Żoliborz, Bielany and Marymont. I was a holder of the so-called Ausweis, issued by the city government. Furthermore, I was among the more active supply delegates. Then Mr. Kulski, apparently acting on his own initiative, tried to convince Leist that my further activity was needed.

Attorney Śliwowski: – Have you ever come in contact with the defendant Leist, Minister?

Witness: – Never.

Presiding Judge: – Thank you, you are excused. Call witness Kalinowski.