Cadet Sergeant Norbert Amsta, 4th company, 2nd battalion.

1. The expulsion of the civilian population. Its course and conditions.
2. Court procedures, ruling in absentia, ways of delivering verdicts. (Full texts of judgments are particularly desirable).
3. Cases of people who were murdered in prisons, during deportations, and during their work as forced laborers.
1. I am unable to answer the question because I was arrested on 27 November 1939.
2. I was interrogated several times, both in the prison in Sambor and in the prison in Kharkiv. During the interrogation, the investigative judge wanted me to tell him how and why I crossed the border. I was also asked to indicate the persons who helped me. There was no trial. The sentence was read out by a prosecutor. I don’t remember the text of the judgment. I was sentenced to eight years of forced labor in the labor camps.
3. I have not heard of any such facts.