Volunteer Stefania Bialik, unmarried, 24 years of age.

I was arrested on 19 January 1940 in Przemyƛl, and I spent nine months in prison there. In September 1940 the Soviets deported me to Starobilsk (I remained there for four months), where I received my sentence: three years in a forced labor camp.

Next, after two weeks in prison in Kharkiv, I was transferred to the labor camps of the Karaganda Region.

On 11 October 1941, after eight months of arduous labor, I was released. They sent me to Poltavka in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, where I worked in a sovkhoz.

In December 1941 I traveled to Frunze, where I fell ill with typhus. On 29 March 1942 I was enlisted in the Polish Army in Margilan.

On 1 September 1942 I fell sick with typhoid fever. I currently work as a hospital attendant.