1. Senior volunteer Leokadia Cudowska, née Gogolewska, daughter of Józef and Teodozja, born on 15 March 1904 in Rogowo estate, Białystok district and voivodeship.

2. I was arrested on 7 January 1940 in the city of Białystok. On 12 January I was deported from Białystok to the prison in Grodno, where I was incarcerated until 8 February 1941. On that day I was deported to the prison in Brześć and Bugiem, where I was incarcerated until 28 February.

3. On 28 February 1941 I was deported to a Gulag camp in the Soviet Union. I arrived in the town of Rozpret, a dispatch point, on 5 March, and on 12 March 1941 I was deported to another Gulag camp called Roim, where I stayed until 3 April 1941. Next I was deported to the camp in Orlovo-Rozovo, Novosibirsk Oblast, where I stayed until 29 September 1941.

4. On 29 September 1941 I was released under the amnesty for Polish citizens that was proclaimed on 12 August 1941, and on the same day I left for the town that I was assigned to, that is, Omsk, where I stayed from 10 October to 18 November 1941.

5. On 18 November 1941 I left Omsk and went to Buzuluk, where I arrived on 25 November.

6. On 25 November 1941 I was registered in the Women’s Backup Center, but on 4 December I fell ill with typhoid fever and stayed in the infectious ward of the hospital until 5 January 1942.

7. On 9 January 1942 I appeared before the military medical board and was assigned to a Unit of the Supply Platoon, where I worked in the kitchen until 20 January 1942.

8. On 20 January I went from Buzuluk to Guzar, where I arrived on 27 January and stayed until 5 February, when I was transferred to the Ordnance Command, where I worked until 28 February.

9. On 28 February, at my own request, I was transferred to Garrison Hospital no 2 in Guzar, where I worked until 12 August 1942.

10. On 12 August I left the town together with the hospital, and on 19 August we arrived in Pahlavi, where I worked in the admission room of Evacuation Hospital no 1 until 15 October 1942.

11. On 15 October I went from Pahlavi to Iraq, where I arrived on 19 October together with the hospital. Since then I have been working in War Hospital no 3.

12. Reasons for my arrest: 1. The escape of my husband and the Tax Office to Romania; 2. The escape of my son to Occupied Poland, to Warsaw; 3. Hiding members of the organization and my membership therein. I was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment and forced labor, and three years of deprivation of rights.