Warsaw, 25 September 1946. Leon Strumidło, a clerk, heard as a witness the person specified below. The witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Maria Kopeć
Parents’ names Stefan and Halina
Age 27 years old
Place of birth Puławy
Place of residence Warsaw, Chmielna Street 25
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Nationality Polish
National affiliation Polish
Occupation physician
Former place of residence Warsaw, Mokotowska Street 39, flat 12

I know the following facts with regard to the case in question:

On 20 February 1941, about midnight, my father Stefan Kopeć, Professor of the University of Warsaw, and my brother Stanisław Kopeć, student of the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw, were arrested by the Gestapo in our flat at Mokotowska Street 39, flat 12 and later incarcerated in Pawiak prison.

I was taken away with my father and my brother and I was also incarcerated in Pawiak, where I remained until the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising.

I learned about the death of my father and my brother from fellow detainees a year and a half after my family had been arrested.

At this the report was closed, read out and signed.