Antonina Gabryś, born on 17 June 1910 in Lubatowa, district of Krosno.

I was deported to Russia, to the Komi Republic, on 10 February 1940. I was forced to work felling trees in the settlement of Stara Baza. The reason for my deportation: I was the wife of a colonist. On 1 September 1941, after the amnesty was announced, I left for Guzar, where I ended up in the Manuma kolkhoz.

I enlisted in the Polish Army on 15 February 1942 in Guzar, but soon fell ill with typhus fever. After I recovered, on 10 August 1942, I was assigned to the Medical Company, while as of 24 August I was delegated as a nurse to Military Hospital no. 3, a function I perform to the present day.