Volunteer Amelia Gajdel, born on 1 October 1908, district of Sokółka, village of Czuprynowo, Białystok voivodeship.

I was arrested on 27 December 1939. I was detained in Łomża prison until 29 June 1940. Next, the Soviet government had me deported to Russia, to the prison in the city of Gomel, wherefrom on 1 September 1940 I was sent to the Poćma Forced Labor Camp in the Mordovian Republic, where I performed various types of compulsory labor. Having regained my freedom thanks to the amnesty, on 1 September 1941 I left for Buzuluk, where I joined the Polish Army on 9 September. I appeared before the Recruitment Committee on 9 January 1942 and worked at the staging area in Buzuluk until 15 March, whereafter I was sent to Guzar. There I attended a first-aid course and was assigned to the Medical Company on 10 August 1942. On 24 August, I was transferred to Military Hospital no. 3, where I work to date as a nurse.

6 March 1943