Volunteer Kazimiera Grzywa, born on 14 February 1923 in the village of Kraczkowa, district of Łańcut, Lwów voivodeship, civilian occupation – I lived with my parents. I am currently serving with the 3rd (Training) Transport Company, 2nd Platoon.

Because my family and I were colonists, we were deported (on 10 February 1940) to the Altai Krai, to the forests of the Topchichinskiy District. I worked at tree felling and collecting resin. This was very hard work, and the norms were impossible to carry out. Living conditions were extremely difficult, we had to sell items of our clothing in order to survive. Hygiene was non- existent. A total of 45 families lived in the barracks; nearly one half of the people perished.

After the amnesty was announced, we left for Uzbekistan. Mother died there, on 27 December 1942, at the train station in Kitab.

The attitude of the Soviet authorities towards us was unwaveringly hostile.

Medical and hospital care was very poor.

There was no contact at all with Poland.