Volunteer Aleksandra Janiak, born 6 December 1924 in Dywin, Kobryń district, Polesie voivodeship.

Deported with family on 10 February 1940 to posiolek [settlement] Wodopad, Plesetsk region. We worked in the forests. Our camp was dirty and muddy. Barracks were small. We were living a couple families each. They wouldn’t allow us to speak Polish. The norms were so high that nobody attained them. We only received 400 grams of bread each. We had Polish clothes. NKVD was showing a hostile attitude towards us.

There was no medical care for the dying. Everybody tried to save themselves with their own medicines. Poles were not allowed into the hospital. Very [many] people died in the forests, killed by the trees and starvation: Jan Majduch, Karol Glonc, Janina Popławska, Józef Tozowski, Jan Matejko, [illegible] Supronikówna, Janina Matejko, Stanisława Przyłozka.