Marta Mida

Volunteer Marta Mida, born on 6 August 1915 in Poznań voivodeship, Ostrów district, Młynik; Polish Military Hospital No. 3, Health Unit Company of the Women’s Auxiliary Service.

I last lived in Wilno voivodeship, Brasław [Braslaw]. On 14 April 1940, I was deported from there by the NKVD to Kazakhstan. We were transported in locked freight wagons. We were fed soup once every few days. It was hard to get water to drink.

They brought me to a kolkhoz near Petropavlovsk, where I worked very hard physically. At the same time, I was looking after an orphan, a 12-year-old girl, Hanna Bosówna, whose mother had died of physical exhaustion, leaving behind three children.

There was no hospital, no organized health care. In short: utterly deplorable conditions.

After the amnesty, I left for the south, and in Shahrisabz, on 9 March 1942, I joined the army. I left with the first transport to Pahlevi, then to Tehran, where I joined the health unit.

Temporary station, 8 March 1943