Cracow, 21 October 1946. Jan Rybka, a detective from the investigation section of the Citizen’s Militia Headquarters in Cracow, heard as a witness the person specified below. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations andof the importance of the oath, the witness was sworn and testified as follows:

Name and surname Zakrzewska Jadwiga
Parents’ names Adolf and Maria
Age 42 years old
Place of birth Lwów
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Occupation works in “Czytelnik” [publishing house]
Place of residence Cracow, Siemiradzkiego Street 6, flat 2
Relationship to the parties wife of professor Zakrzewski

I know the following facts with regard to this case:

Professor Kazimierz Zakrzewski was arrested by the Germans on 12 January 1941 in his own flat at Brzozowa Street 10, flat 2 in Warsaw. He was incarcerated in Pawiak and stayed there until 11 March 1941. On that day he was executed in Palmiry, and I was notified about this by our underground organisation.

My husband was the founder of an independence syndicalist organisation “Wolność i Lud” [Freedom and People], formed in November 1939. He was also working in Związek Walki Zbrojnej [Union for Armed Struggle] as the head of the national minorities section.

An exhumation in Palmiry in November 1945 revealed that my husband’s body had been buried there. I received documents and information at the Polish Red Cross in Warsaw.

At this the report was closed and read out, then signed.