On 26 October 1945, in Kosów, Judge Z. Łukaszkiewicz interviewed the person specified below as a witness, without swearing him in. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Forename and surname Stanisław Adamczyk
Age 33
Names of parents Ludwik
Place of residence Guty, Sokołów county
Occupation pointsman with Polish State Railways
Religious affiliation Roman-Catholic
Criminal record none

I think it was in April 1942 that I started working at the pointsman’s hut about two kilometers from Treblinka, in the direction of Kosów. When I started work, the camp, which contained Poles sent there for not meeting certain quotas and for other offences (it was a labor camp), was already operational. Later, another camp started to be built nearby. During the summer of 1942, maybe starting in August, huge transports of Jews started to arrive in the direction of Treblinka; there were 50 freight wagons in each transport on average. There were one, two or three transports daily. It continued like this approximately until Christmas of 1942. At that time, there were also shipments of clothes leaving Treblinka to the west. As for the cremation of human corpses, they were not cremated at the beginning; it only started later. The furnaces in the camp must have been working without a break, since there was always a smell of burning in the air and you could see a glow in the sky at night. When the wind was blowing from the camp, you could hear screams so piercing that you could not stand it. The camp was manned by SS-men and Ukrainians.

The witness interview report was read out to the witness and he confirmed it by signing it.