In Skronina on this day, 18 September 1948, at 4.30 p.m., functionary Jerzy Galant from the Citizen’s Militia Station in Białaczów, with the participation of reporter, functionary H. Gorczyński, heard the person named below as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Article 140 of the Penal Code, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Zygmunt Feliński
Parents’ names Kazimierz and Bronisława
Age 35 years old
Place of birth Skronina, Białaczów commune
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Occupation carpenter
Place of residence Skronina, Białaczów commune
Relationship to the parties distant relative of Chojda

Regarding the case of the burning of eighteen people at Stanisław Serwatka’s, in Skronina, on 15 March 1943.

During the pacification of the village of Skronina and the surrounding villages, the gendarmes and the Gestapo brought a few people from the surrounding villages and then led some into the flat and left the rest outside.

After some time, these people were divested of shoes and all the better things which they had with them, and then the people who had been brought in and the locals were cruelly beaten, and then every person in and outside the flat was shot, and those from the outside were thrown into the flat through the window. Next the flat was set on fire and grenades were thrown inside. There was no explanation given. Although they had their wartime identity cards and certificates of employment, laborers from the railway line had also been brought in and were burnt together with the rest.

In total, the Germans burnt 18 people:

1) the family of Roman Serwatka, consisting of five members, 2) Józefa Chojda and her daughter Marianna, Leon Cozac, Feliks Kalinowski, Józef Kołodziejczyk; I don’t know the rest.

All these people were murdered by the gendarmes and the Gestapo.

The following were deported to concentration camps, from which they haven’t returned: 1) Władysław Mijas, 40 years old, railwayman, 2) Jan Kołodziejczyk.

And murdered in the field were: 1) Władysław Szymczyk, 2) Antoni Szymczyk (brothers), 3) Jan Kowalski, 4) Shot, but he managed to escape.

This was the doing of the gendarmes and the Gestapo men.

At this the report was concluded, read out and signed.