Township: Zwoleń
Commune: Zwoleń
District: Kozienice
Voivodeship: Kielce

1. Name of the camp:

Jewish ghetto.

2. Location of the camp:

Zwoleń – in the city center.

3. Size of the camp:

Approximately 2 km2.

4. Date of establishment of the camp:

February 1942.

5. Date of closure of the camp:

September 1942.

6. Were the prisoners only Poles, only Jews from Poland, or Poles and Jews from Poland?

Exclusively Jews from Poland.

7. Were there any foreigners in the camp? If "yes", then provide their nationality and number (were they Jews from abroad?).

There were no foreigners or Jews from abroad.

8. Provide the average number of prisoners in the camp.

Approximately 6,000 people.

9. How many prisoners passed through the camp throughout its period of existence?

Approximately 6,000 people.

10. What happened with the prisoners upon liquidation of the camp?

They were driven on foot to the train station of Kolonia Garbatka.

11. Did the men work in the camp? If "yes", then what type of work did they perform? What types of workshops were established?

They worked on draining land located near the river in Zwoleń.

12. Did the prisoners work outside the camp? If "yes", then what types of work did they perform and where?

They worked directly in Zwoleń, on draining land located near the river, and also

performing regulation of the river.

13. How were the prisoners fed?

They all had to provide food for themselves.

14. Was there an infirmary or a hospital in the camp?

There was a hospital.

15. Where there any epidemics in the camp? If "yes", then what kind?

Typhus fever.

16. Are there any data pertaining to the death rate in the camp?

There are no data.

17. Were executions held at or outside the camp? How were the victims executed?

Executions were held during the segregation of people for forced labor, and also when

some of the prisoners escaped. Approximately 200 people were killed during the

liquidation of the camp.

18. Were the corpses destroyed? If "yes", then where?

The bodies would usually be buried on the grounds of the Jewish cemetery in Zwoleń,

however towards the very end they were destroyed using unknown chemical agents.

19. Was there a crematorium in the camp?


20. Was the burial site of the deceased and the murdered victims determined (provide the location)?

Near the Jewish cemetery in Zwoleń.

21. Current condition of the camp – what was destroyed? What is located on the site of the camp?

Strictly speaking, there was no camp. There was only a sectioned off Jewish quarter


22. Has any material evidence survived from the camp (documents, belongings of the murdered victims, etc.)? If "yes", then what type of articles are these, where are they located, have they been secured?

No evidence has survived.

23. Are the surnames and, possibly, addresses of the people who had been imprisoned in the camp known (please provide the surnames and/or addresses)?

No, all evidence and registers of inmates were destroyed.

24. Are the surnames of the Germans, the camp commander and other functionaries known (provide their surnames and ranks)?

The Jewish quarter was supervised by the gendarmerie station in Zwoleń.

On 9 October 1945, the contents of the above questionnaire were officially confirmed by the mayor of the city of Zwoleń, Sylwester Sendecki, at the Magistrates’ Court in Zwoleń.