concerning mass executions and mass graves

Township: Zwoleń
Commune: Zwoleń
District: Kozienice
Voivodeship: Kielce

1. Date and place of execution:

7 April 1944, Zwoleń, next to the market square, by the wall.

2. Type of execution (shooting, hanging, etc.):


3. Personal data of the murdered victims:

Poles, Jews, foreigners: Poles.

Number of murdered victims: 19.

The victims were brought in from: Radom (they had been caught in the

north-eastern part of the district of Kozienice).

Surname, age, profession/occupation, address: cf. overleaf.

4. Is it known what the victims were accused of, whether the execution was carried out in retaliation, etc.?

They were accused of belonging to an illegal organization.

5. Who carried out the execution (gendarmes, Gestapo men, SS men, policemen, the Wehrmacht)?

Gendarmes stationed in Zwoleń and SD men from Radom.

6. Are the surnames of the perpetrators known (provide the surnames if known)?

Of two of the gendarmes – Gross and Kaizer, who were very active.

7. Were the corpses burnt or destroyed otherwise?

They were buried in single graves near the wall of the cemetery in Zwoleń.

8. Where were the corpses buried (provide the exact location)?

In Zwoleń, near the cemetery wall, immediately after the murder.

9. Description of the place of burial (graves, dimensions, estimated number of victims buried in one grave):

There was a separate pit for each victim, and there were 19 victims in total.

10. Were the corpses exhumed, were they officially reinterred (report)? If “yes” to the latter, then where?

An official exhumation was carried out on 25 March 1945, and the bodies were

reinterred as follows: numbers 1 through 10 – at the parish cemetery in Brzeźnica,

numbers 11 through 16 – at the parish cemetery in Kozienice, numbers 17 through 18 –

at the parish cemetery in Grodek, and number 19 at the parish cemetery in Jedlnia.

11. Are there any grounds for ordering their exhumation?

An exhumation was performed on Sunday, March 25, 1945.

On 9 October, the contents of the above questionnaire were officially confirmed by the mayor of the city of Zwoleń, Sylwester Sendecki, at the Magistrates’ Court in Zwoleń.

Regarding point 3.

1) Wacław Granowicz, commune of Brzeźnica
2) Władysław Ochocki, commune of Brzeźnica
3) Józef Kacperek, commune of Brzeźnica
4) Bolesław Łukasiewicz, commune of Brzeźnica
5) Stanisław Łukasiewicz, commune of Brzeźnica
6) Stefan Kultys, commune of Brzeźnica
7) Mieczysław Zarlok, commune of Brzeźnica
8) Władysław Śmietanka, commune of Brzeźnica
9) Stanisław Szewc, commune of Brzeźnica

10) Jan Jopek, commune of Brzeźnica

11) Wiktor Puzio, village of Augustów, commune of Kozienice

12) Antoni Strzebala, village of Augustów, commune of Kozienice

13) Stanisław Tomaszewski, village of Augustów, commune of Kozienice

14) Stanisław Krajewski, village of Kociołki, commune of Kozienice

15) Feliks Rojek, village of Kociołki, commune of Kozienice

16) Antoni Rojek, village of Kociołki, commune of Kozienice

17) Jan Molenda, village of Zawada Stara, commune of Sarnów

18) Kazimierz Chołuj, Jedlnia-Letnisko

19) Jan Światek, Jedlnia-Letnisko

There are no data regarding their ages and professions/occupations.