Nowa Wieś, 27 November 1948

Interviewed as a witness:

Name and surname Maria Skoczylas
Parents’ names Jan and Katarzyna, née Paliś
Date and place of birth 18 January 1906, Łobodno, Miedźno commune, Częstochowa district
Citizenship and nationality Polish
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Nowa Wieś, Kamyk commune, Częstochowa district.

In May 1943, I saw a truck arrive in Nowa Wieś; it was filled with people and gendarmes and went to the forester’s lodge. A gallows was built there, but first they herded the local populace to watch the execution. 10 people were put under the gallows, and the other 10 had to help. When 10 of them were murdered, all were loaded onto the car, and they went back in the direction of Kamyk. I cannot say anything else regarding the present case.