Interviewed as a witness:

Name and surname Franciszek Złoszuk
Parents’ names Walenty and Rozalia, née Osadnik
Date and place of birth 14 May 1871, Zamość
Occupation shopkeeper
Citizenship Polish
Marital status married
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Kłobuck, Staszica Street 8

As to the murdering of the Jews from the ghetto, I know that great masses of Jewish people were shot by the Germans in the cemetery outside of Kłobuck. If someone was shot in the street, they wouldn’t even finish him off, but they would bury him right away. Sometimes the victims begged to be finished off, but they were buried nevertheless only half-dead. In 1943, the camp (the ghetto) was liquidated. As for those who had been deported to the camps, many people from Kłobuck whom I had known have never returned; I myself was informed of the death of my son-in-law Mirosław Kupliński, who had been taken together with other people from Kłobuck. They were murdered there.