Kłobuck, 29 November 1948

Interviewed as a witness:

Name and surname Ignacy Krok
Parents’ names Karol and Katarzyna, née Hoła
Date and place of birth 21 January 1895, Kłobuck
Occupation laborer
Citizenship and nationality Polish
Marital status married
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Kłobuck, Staszica Street 12

As regards the ghetto, I know that it was established in October 1942 and liquidated in June 1943. I know that the Germans used to take great masses of Jews from the ghetto and execute them in the Jewish cemetery, and whenever they caught some Jew in the street, they shot him right away, even there. As for deportations to the camps, I know that from among those deported by the occupier to the camps, some have never returned, having been murdered in the camps.