Interviewed as a witness:

Name and surname Antoni Zając
Parents’ names Ludwik and Karolina, née Cieślak
Date and place of birth 15 March 1905, Waleńczów, Opatów commune, Częstochowa district
Occupation farmer
Citizenship Polish
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Marital status married
Place of residence Kłobuck, Staszica Street 2

As to the ghetto, I would like to explain that it was established in 1942 and liquidated in 1943. In the ghetto, the Jews lived under German terror and were shot dead for the slightest offence. The witness knows that great numbers of Jews were taken to the cemetery outside of town and executed there, and their property was robbed. Sometimes even people were buried only half-dead; the Germans had no mercy for them. As for deportations to the camp, the occupiers deported whomever they wanted. Those who had returned from the camps told the witness that many people from Kłobuck would never come back, because they had been burned, shot, or had died from various diseases in the camps.