Interviewed as a witness:

Name and surname Stanisław Michalczyk
Parents’ names Piotr and Marianna, née Ponosek
Date and place of birth 11 March 1900, Kłobuck
Citizenship Polish
Occupation shopkeeper
Marital status married
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Kłobuck, Staszica Street

As to the ghetto, I can say that it was established in 1942 and liquidated in 1943. The occupier was master of life and death there, and those unfit for work or charged with other offences were transported away and shot dead in the Jewish cemetery. In a few cases I witnessed both Jews and Poles being executed in the streets. As for deporting people from Kłobuck to the camps, I know that some from among those who had been deported have never come back. They were murdered, as I saw for myself that families were receiving messages to that effect from their friends or from the Red Cross.