On 23 May 1947, Pinkus Karafioł appeared in the office of the police of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Stuttgart, Western section no. 502, camp no. 664, and made the following declaration in lieu of an oath:

Name and surname Pinkus Karafioł
Date of birth 17 March 1901, Radom
Place of residence until the outbreak of the war: Radom now: Reinsburgstrasse 205, Stuttgart
Occupation merchant
Marital status married
Criminal record none
Registered as Displaced Person
Card number 152067

I lived in the ghetto in Radom from its establishment until 1944. In August 1942 there was a mass displacement. All people chosen during the selection were sent to the camp in Treblinka. The action began at 11.00 p.m. when 60 people who had hidden but were discovered were shot on the order of Polizeiführer Böttcher by a selected group of 30 Gestapo men. The order was carried out immediately. The Polizeiführer also took part in the execution.

I would like to emphasize that I saw the entire incident very well, as I was in the crowd of people who had been displaced. I wasn’t deported then as my place of work was transferred to the small ghetto, which was set up at Szpitalna Street.

I declare, in lieu of an oath, that the above is true to facts. I am aware of the criminal liability for making false declarations. I am ready to appear before a court as a witness.