On 7 May 1947, Moszek Frydman appeared in the office of the police of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Stuttgart, Western section no. 1002, camp no. 66, and made the following declaration in lieu of an oath:

Name and surname Moszek Frydman
Date of birth 14 December 1919, Radom
Place of residence until the outbreak of the war: Żeromskiego Street 62, Radom

now: Reinsburgstrasse 195, Stuttgart

Criminal record none
Registered as Displaced Person
Card number G 05115177

During the occupation, up until 1 March 1944, I lived in Radom in the district of Glinice. In July, Polizeiführer Böttcher began to pay us visits in the company of higher-ranking officers. After each visit, a few corpses were left in the camp. On the night of 4/5 August, a massive displacement action began, during which a thousand people were killed. The rest, with the exception of 6,000 people who were transferred to the big ghetto, were sent to Treblinka and burnt there. Böttcher himself was in charge of this displacement. I saw him in the company of Feucht, Blum, Szypers and Weinrich: he was issuing orders and encouraging his people to be more efficient. Some people were shot on his order at the site.

At the freight train station there was a train waiting, and the gendarmerie was forcing people into the wagons; each would hold 100 people. When Böttcher arrived, he ordered that 150 people be crammed into each wagon. As a result some wagons were empty, and to fill them Böttcher ordered that some people be stopped at Wałowa Street and other streets in the ghetto and also deported.

In February 1943, Böttcher ordered that 50 Poles be hanged. They were hanged in various parts of town, the sight designed to deter others from joining the underground. On the next day, Böttcher issued an announcement in which he threatened the Poles with severe repression should the underground movement continue its actions. On the same day he went in person to all districts in order to see whether there were many spectators.

All the remaining displacements were also supervised by Böttcher.

I declare, in lieu of an oath, that the above is true to facts. I am aware of the criminal liability for making false declarations. I am ready to appear before a court as a witness.