On 27 May 1947, Mojżesz Suchy appeared in the office of the police of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Stuttgart, Western section no. 502, camp no. 664, and made the following declaration in lieu of an oath:

Name and surname Mojżesz Suchy
Date and place of birth 5 October 1906, in Radom
Place of residence Reinsburgstrasse 138, Stuttgart
Registered as Displaced Person
Card number G 05083726
Polizeiführer Böttcher is responsible for all deportations carried out in the district of Radom.

He was the one who ordered a bloody operation to deport the residents of Glinice to Radom, on the night of 4/5 August [1942]. During this deportation I saw Böttcher, Feucht, Blum, and others. A thousand people were killed in the process and buried in the cemetery at Biała Street. I saw small children’s heads being crushed against the walls. People were murdered in their houses, apartments, and on the streets. The second deportation took place on the nights of 16/17 and 17/18 August. 25,000 people were killed at the time. 150 people had to cram into a wagon on Böttcher’s order. During this deportation, German nurses served beverages to the “hard-working Gestapo men”.

On the following day we collected the corpses from the streets. We transported the corpses to a fruit orchard at Stare Miasto Street 19, which belonged to one Penc.

In 1943 Böttcher gave an order to hang 55 Poles from the so-called intelligentsia. The victims were hanged in five districts of the city. He also issued an announcement regarding new repressions which would occur if the underground movement did not cease its activities. On one night in 1943 he ordered that 1,200 Poles be transported to Kaptur, where they were then shot. They also belonged to the Polish intelligentsia. On 9 November 1943 he gave an order to transport the women and children who remained alive from Włocławek to Firlej. There, they were thrown into pits and showered with grenades. Some of the victims murdered in Kaptur were Polish. There are many mass graves in that place.

I declare, in lieu of an oath, that the above is true to the facts. I am aware of the criminal liability for making false declarations. I am ready to appear before a court as a witness.