In June 1947, Icek Chlebowski appeared in the office of the police of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Stuttgart, Western section no. 1002, camp no. 664, Reinsburgstrasse, and made the following declaration in lieu of an oath:

Name and surname Icek Chlebowski
Date of birth 13 November 1918, Radom
Place of residence Bismarckstrasse 138, Stuttgart
Registered as Displaced Person
Card number G 05115059

The ghetto in Radom was located in Firlej, five kilometers from the town. Beyond Firlej there was some sandy wasteland and during the displacement action all access to it was denied. A day before the action began the gendarmerie had come there to dig pits. From that moment on, it was forbidden to approach that place. Very often, when I heard Böttcher’s order, "Clear the prison!" I would sneak out to the sandy field. I saw ready pits and cars of the Polizeiführer. The people who were getting out of them would wear only shirts and underwear and have their hands tied behind their backs. They were herded under escort towards the pits. The majority of them were Poles. Since the ground was sandy, the cars couldn’t come closer to the graves, and the people had to cover a thousand meters on foot. Once I recognized Gusban and Urek, whose surnames I cannot recollect. They were good friends of mine.

I declare, in lieu of an oath, that the above is true to facts. I am aware of the criminal liability for making false declarations. I am ready to appear before a court as a witness.