On 11 December 1945, in Radom, Kazimierz Borys, Investigating Judge from the Second District of the District Court in Radom, based in Radom, interviewed the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Helena Jamróz
Age 26 years old
Names of parents Jan and Stanisława
Place of residence Radom, Słowackiego Street 14
Occupation merchant
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

On 23 September 1942 at 7.00 p.m., Gestapo men entered my mother’s flatand arrested her. My mother, Stanisława Winczewska, was living at that time at Słowackiego Street 14. My brother, Jan Bogusław Winczewski, born in 1916, I don’t know the exact date, his wife Ada Winczewska, née Mayer, born in 1919, my second brother Józef Winczewski, born on 19 March 1928 (he was only 14 years old), and a maid, Maria Grzywacz, were all also arrested.

At the same time, in the house at Kozienicka Street 28, the Germans arrested my third brother Henryk Winczewski, born, as far as I can remember, in 1909, and his wife’s cousin Tadeusz Kozerski.

I don’t know why all the people mentioned above were arrested.

On 12 October 1942, my brothers, Jan Bogusław Winczewski, an officer by profession, and Henryk Winczewski, a revenue officer, were executed by the Germans on the gallows in Rożki near Radom.

On 15 October 1942, my mother, Stanisława Winczewska, and my sister-in-law, Ada Winczewska, née Mayer, were executed on the gallows by the Warsaw road in Radom. At the time of the execution the latter was three or four months pregnant.

My brother Józef had been for some time kept in the Radom prison. It isn’t known what happened to him later. He vanished without trace.

Marianna Grzywacz was deported to Auschwitz, from where she returned this year. I don’t know her current address. She doesn’t live in Radom.

Tadeusz Kozerski was executed on the gallows near the Arms Factory on 14 October 1942.

Having been shown photographs of the people executed by the Warsaw road in Rożki and near the Arms Factory in Radom, the witness testified as follows:

I recognize my mother among those whom the Germans executed by the Warsaw road. She is hanging first from the left. The woman hanging second from the left resembles in figure my sister-in-law. Because I can’t see her face, I am not sure if it is really her.

In the photograph of the people executed in Rożki, marked as "Rożki II", I recognize my brother, Jan Bogusław Winczewski. He is fifth from the left. My brother’s acquaintances, who saw him at the time of the execution, told me that he had no jacket on. He was wearing only a vest.

The man in the photograph marked as "Różki II", the one fourth from the left, looks, judging by his clothes and his build, like my brother, Henryk Winczewski. But I am not sure of it.

People said that the bodies of those executed by the Germans were burnt in Firlej.

I didn’t receive any formal notification of the death of the members of my family.

I can’t recognize Tadeusz Kozerski in this photo.

The report was read out.