An execution in Skaryszew, Radom district, 20 June 1944

The below-listed convicts – all of whom must have been tortured in the prison – were brought from Radom to Skaryszew on 20 June 1944 at 5.00 p.m., in a truck escorted by the Gestapo.

Next the local populace and the people who came to the fair were herded to watch the execution.

The convicts, who were cuffed, were led out of the truck and placed in a semi-circle, facing the execution site (an old wall of the building on Chomentowska Street), and had the sentence read out to them; then they were allowed to speak their last words. Their last words were an exclamation, “Long live the most serene Republic of Poland!”

Next, the convicts were lined up against the wall, made to kneel, and executed by firing squad on the order from a Gestapo officer.

The Gestapo officer finished the victims off with his revolver.

The bodies of the murdered were moved some 200 meters away to a field. Then pits were dug; eight people were buried in the field and two were buried in pits located behind a barn, some 50 meters from the previous ones. The Gestapo forbade us from taking the bodies of the executed.

The surnames and addresses of the executed:
1. Jerzy Maszczyk, Radom, Ciasna Street 38,
2. Zygmunt Szczepanik, Radom, Nowospacerowa Street 24,
3. Stanisław Bartkowicz, Radom, Przytycka Street 52,
4. Marian Pająk, Radom, Topiel Street 17,
5. Mieczysław Garbarczyk, Radom, Drewniana Street 9,
6. Władysław Kłosowski, Radom, Gliniana Street 22.

The undersigned witnesses confirm the veracity of the account.