On 27 December 1945, in Radom, Kazimierz Borys, Investigating Judge from the Second District of the District Court in Radom, based in Radom, interviewed the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Anna Winczewska
Age 39 years old
Names of parents Henryk and Marcela
Place of residence Radom, Podwalna Street 4a
Occupation widow of a clerk
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

On 12 October 1942, on the gallows set up in Rożki near Radom, the Germans executed my husband, Henryk Winczewski, born in January 1910, a clerk, and his brother, Jan Bogusław Winczewski, born in 1916, a Polish Army officer.

On 14 October 1942, my nephew, Tadeusz Kozerski, born on 11 July 1917, a student at the Mining Academy, employed during the occupation at the "Bata" factory, was executed on the gallows set up near the Arms Factory in Radom.

On 15 October 1942, on the gallows by the Warsaw road in Radom, the Germans hanged my mother-in-law, Stanisława Winczewska, 50 years of age, a shop owner, and her daughter-in- law, Ada Winczewska, 22 years of age, wife of Jan Winczewski, whom the Germans hanged in Rożki. At the moment of the execution Ada Winczewska was three months pregnant.

I learned from her mother that she was carrying a child.

The circumstances preceding the arrest of the people mentioned above were as follows: on 24 September 1942, at my home at Kozieniecka Street 22 in Radom, Gestapo men arrested my nephew, Tadeusz Kozerski, and my husband, Henryk Winczewski. The arrest took place at about 7.00 p.m. Once my nephew and my husband left the flat under Gestapo escort, I followed them. When it became clear that they were headed for the Gestapo station on Kościuszki Street I went to my mother-in law, Stanisława Winczewska, at Słowackiego Street 14, where I also encountered the Gestapo. My mother-in-law was lying on the ground in the kitchen. The Gestapo men didn’t let me out. Within about half an hour of my arrival, Ada Winczewska turned up, followed by her husband, Jan Bogusław Winczewski. They were arrested, as were Stanisława Winczewska’s youngest son, a fourteen-year-old, Józef Winczewski, and their maid, Maria Grzywacz. I was allowed to go home.

I don’t know why they were arrested and why they were executed.

I was at the execution site by the Warsaw road in Radom while the bodies were still hanging from the gallows. Among the people hanged there I recognized Stanisława Winczewska and Ada Winczewska. I also recognized Bretsznajder.

I learned from people whose names I don’t remember that my family members were executed in Rożki and at the Arms Factory.

Next to the gallows set up by the Warsaw road, I saw a board containing information that the people hanged by the Germans were "Polish bandits". I don’t remember what exactly the notice posted on the board said.

The bodies were probably buried in Firlej.

Having been shown photographs of the people executed in Radom and in Rożki, the witness testified as follows:

Among the people executed by the Warsaw road in Radom I recognize Stanisława Winczewska, she is first from the left or last from the right, and Ada Winczewska – second from the left or second to last from the right.

In the photograph "Rożki 1" I recognize my husband Henryk Winczewski. He is fourth from the left or twelfth from the right. My husband’s brother, Jan Bogusław Winczewski, is hanging fifth from the left or eleventh from the right.

In the photograph of the people executed at the Arms Factory I recognize Tadeusz Kozerski. He is third from the left or thirteenth from the right.

The report was read out.