Munich, 23 August 1946

I, Benjamin Lewin, born on 15 May 1914 in Bruschana (Prużany), a tailor by profession, unmarried, residing in Munich, Fürstenriederstrasse 158, testify under oath as follows:

I was imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp [from] 28 January 1943 to January 1945. I know Franciszek Achter as a kapo in the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he commanded Peterson’s work unit. I personally worked under his command in Peterson’s

work unit. I worked under his command in the Vollagas (or Faulgas ) work unit for about four
to five months.

Achter was not a political prisoner. Being a homosexual (Article 175), he wore a pink stripe. I know him as one of the most dangerous commanders in the camp. He brutally abused prisoners in his brigade. He would beat the prisoners with a pole and shovel until they fell down. I also saw many prisoners die because of his abuse. He often beat me as well.