Serock nad Narwią, 21 February 1946

Bock Janina
Serock, Dr. Kędzierskiego Street 16
Pułtusk district

To the Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes for the Capital City of Warsaw

In accordance with the announcement, I am informing that my late husband, Dr. Konrad Adolf Bock, a reserve major with the Polish Army, born 10 March 1883, for many years chief doctor in the Health Service in Ciechanów, head of the Doctors Association of North Masovia, city and school doctor in Serock nad Narwią, was forced to leave the town of Serock in 1941 following German persecution. From that time on, he worked in Warsaw at the Social Insurance Office.

He was arrested on the night from 9 to 10 December 1943. After a three-week stay in the Pawiak, he was executed in a savage way on a Warsaw street on 31 December 1943, at 9:00 a.m, after which an announcement was published.

If need be, I can provide many people as witnesses, who read those announcements.