On 19 June 1947 in Kraków, a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, deputy prosecutor Wincenty Jarosiński, with the participation of a reporter, Władysław Sterba, secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office of the District Court in Kraków, acting in accordance with the provisions of the Decree dated 10 November 1945 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No. 51, item 293), and pursuant to Article 20 of the provisions introducing the Code of Criminal Procedure, and in connection with articles 107, 115 and 254 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, heard the person named below as a witness, who testified as follows:

Name and surname Bronisław Staszkiewicz, prisoner no. 1225 at Auschwitz concentration camp
Date and place of birth 18 July 1921 in Żywiec
Parents’ names Andrzej and Barbara, née Pawełek
Occupation butcher
Place of residence Kraków, Straszewskiego Street 5, flat 14
Criminal record none

From 25 June 1940 to 27 February 1943 I was a prisoner in the Auschwitz I concentration camp where I worked in the SS kitchen. At that time I met the defendant Paul Szczurek, who came to the kitchen for the so-called Sonderverpflegung. This allowance was only for those SS men who were engaged in escorting prisoners to the gas chambers as well as their gassing. What Sczurek’s role in the gassing of prisoners was, I don’t know. I saw how at the time when the prisoners were returning from work through the main gate and they were being inspected, Szczurek without any reason whatsoever beat and kicked them.

Today, in front of my eyes, Paweł Szczurek is one of those whom I have previously testified against and I recognize him beyond doubt.