Warsaw, 8 February 1946

The District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Warsaw

In connection with the announcement published in the Warsaw press on 7 February 1946, I am reporting that my brother, Ryszard Głombiowski (born 26 March 1920), was executed by the Germans in an execution at Senatorska Street 4 on 18 February 1944.

He was arrested in our parents’ flat at Mazowiecka Street 10, flat 20; I and my cousin Maria Hafke were arrested along with him.

Ryszard Głombiowski was imprisoned on aleja Szucha and in Pawiak prison and was executed after three months of imprisonment.

My cousin and I were deported to the camp at Ravensbrück, whence we returned in June 1945.

The murdered left an elderly and ill father and two sisters.

I can provide more details in a personal interview.

Zwycięzców Street 11, flat 9
(at her sister’s, Halina Głombiowska-Lisowska)