Auschwitz prisoner no. 99773
Pražská Street 12, Liberec

Liberec, 28 May 1947

[To] the Commission for the Investigation of War Crimes at the SOPVP [Sdružení osvobozených politických vězňů a pozůstalých], Prague

To my great satisfaction, I have read in Głos oswobodzonych więźniów politycznych [Voice of Liberated Political Prisoners] of 21 May 1947, Volume III, an article concerning the capture of Hans Aumeier, an Obersturmbannführer from Auschwitz.

I do not know if the above-mentioned person has already stood trial, therefore please kindly inform me whether I could testify against Hans Aumeier.

I know a lot about Aumeier’s behavior and activities, because I worked in the Auschwitz camp in his vicinity, and I can confirm and provide facts concerning the numerous crimes that he committed himself, at his own initiative, in the absence of Höß and Schwar, only in order to satisfy his criminal instincts.

For example, he ordered a public execution of 12 prisoners from the construction kommando in front of the kitchen. All the prisoners gathered at the roll call were forced to watch the execution, and after it ended, Aumeier, assisted by his helpers, shot at those people. As a result of his criminal performance, 200 people were killed. What is more, one day in June 1943, Aumeier gave an order to clean the sewers and throw a group of 50 “Muslims” in there. They stayed for five days in those sewers, and only their corpses were pulled out.

A standard piece of paper is not enough for my testimony concerning all Aumeier’s crimes. Please kindly inform me of the possibility to testify in person.

Please accept my compliments and fraternal regards.