Warsaw, 23 October 1945. Investigating Judge Mikołaj Halfter interviewed the person specified below as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations the witness was sworn in and testified as follows:

Marian Jackowski, aged 45, the son of Jan and Anna, Roman-Catholic, an employee of Municipal Trams, domiciled at Litewska Street 4, flat 29, no criminal record

On 21 October 1943, at about 10 or 11 a.m., I was inside the building of the Wola station of the Municipal Trams at Młynarska Street 2 in Warsaw. Through a window on the ground floor, I could see many vehicles with German gendarmes arrive outside the head office of the Municipal Trams. They lined a blind alley on the premises of the Municipal Trams with machine guns, and then a truck arrived, a so-called “shed,” and I could see five men taken out of it. Their hands were tied up behind their backs and they had been blindfolded with black triangles. One by one, they were taken onto the pavement and put in front of a barbed-wire fence, more or less where there is a cross standing now; they stood near the boundary of the Biernackis’ property. I heard a command and salvos. I was about 100 metres away from the execution site. I saw those five people fall down after the salvo was over. Then, one of the Gestapo men, who was holding a gun, kicked each of the lying bodies. I did not see any other executions, since the director - the volksdeutsch Andrzej Hebda - did not allow us to look through the window. I only heard another salvo a short time after the first one.