Polish Mission for the Prosecution of War Crimes
Polish War Crimes, Liaison Group, Team Brunswick

Hildesheim, 17 October 1946

Investigating Judge: Major R. Zdankiewicz, District Court Judge
Reporter: U. Egler, secretary
In the case against: [Alice] Orlowski

There appears a witness, who having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and duly sworn, testifies as follows:

Name and surname Helena Niechciał
Age 23 years old
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Marital status unmarried
Occupation shop clerk
Relationship to the defendant none
Criminal record for perjury none
Present place of residence Trillke-Werke camp, Hildesheim
Place of residence in Poland Małogoszcz, Jędrzejów district

Before the outbreak of the war, I lived in the village of Małogoszcz in the district of Jędrzejów. In January 1942, I was arrested by the Germans and deported as a so-called political prisoner to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where I stayed up until 1945.

In 1943, when I was in Auschwitz, I met one Orlowski, a German overseer; she wore an SS uniform and carried sidearms. Moreover, she always carried a thick sturdy stick, which she used to beat and torture Häftlings [prisoners]. I myself didn’t receive a beating from her, but I witnessed some six incidents when Orlowski hit prisoners employed in that camp with the said stick or a hand in the face or kicked them.

She beat very hard for some trifle or else for no reason whatsoever. I haven’t heard about any Häftling who died as a result of having been beaten by Orlowski. I heard from other prisoners who had been in the camp in Majdanek that Orlowski had been even worse there, and that she had beaten some prisoners there so hard that they died.

I recognized Orlowski immediately after her arrest and I state firmly that she is the same Orlowski who was in the Auschwitz camp and about whom I have presently testified. I am ready to repeat my testimony to Orlowski’s face at any time.

At this I conclude my testimony. The report was read out before signing.