On 3 July 1947 in Łódź, W. Kraśnicka, the Investigative Judge of the District Court in Łódź with its seat in Łódź, interviewed the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Zbigniew Kukla
Age 36 years old
Parents’ names Jan and Zofia, née Bekier
Place of residence Łódź, Magistracka Street 20, flat 7
Occupation clerk at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none
I met the defendant, SS-Unterscharführer Adolf Medefind, in May or June 1942 in Birkenau

(Auschwitz II) where he held the position of the chief of the camp’s food storeroom. I was detained in the camp from 14 June 1940 to 18 January 1945. Because of the tasks with which he was entrusted, he had contact with prisoners. I worked in the kitchen as an assistant to the food storeroom attendant in the men’s camp in Birkenau, and I had the opportunity to observe the way the defendant behaved. He never gave prisoners the whole food rations which were due to them according to Speisezettel [list of food]. Better products such as sugar, margarine, and noodles were sent to the kitchen for SS men. As a result, prisoners were given starving rations, their value further reduced by the lack of highly nutritional products. This led to high mortality rate among them; they were simply dying of hunger. Medefind worked closely with Hauptscharführer Werner Händler – the chief of the kitchen in Birkenau.

I often saw Medefind raining blows on prisoners near the storeroom. The former prisoner of the Auschwitz II camp Zygmunt Stefanek who now lives in Łódź, phone number 165-11, the Association of Political Prisoners, can also give his testimony regarding Medefind.

Until my departure from the camp on 18 January 1945, Medefind served in the camp storeroom in Auschwitz to where he was moved in November 1944.

I would like to be summoned to his trial to give a lengthier testimony.

The report was read out.